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Jim is a business owner, volunteer, counselor, father and grandfather. He received his Life Coach training from the Institute for Life Coach Training and continues course work to further grow his knowledge and skills.


JIM HATCHER (James E. Hatcher, MA) lives near the water in Annapolis, Maryland. He's been in the human growth and development field most of his life and received his Masters Degree in Human Resources. Jim gets the most enjoyment from helping others realize their fullest potential.

Jim retired from federal service and wondered what to do next, as it appeared that he was in pretty good health and had a reasonable income. He tried counseling for a while and found that that just wasn't it. Jim followed a suggestion that he might want to look into a fairly new profession called Life Coaching, which a number of former counselors were pursuing. Upon closer examination, he found that there was a fit for him. Jim found he liked working with people to facilitate their finding their own way and what works and doesn't work for them.

Today, Jim works as a Life Coach helping people transform their lives into something deeply meaningful and satisfying to them.